Exhibit at Galerie Elsa Vanier

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Exhibit at Galerie Elsa Vanier

Martin Spreng presented his first solo exhibit May 24 to July 20, 2019 at the Galerie Esla Vanier in Paris. “EXPLORER”showed the progression of a multi-talented artist starting with his “pre-jewelry”works – contemporary wood marquetry creations with the Xylos Group – and moving through 12 years of jewelry-making and finishing up with his latest collection featuring Titanium, gold and precious gems…

EXPLORER… of materials, expertises and countries, Martin Spreng’s “lives” have all been driven by a thirst for exploration. Born in Munich to a family where creation was an essential value, incarnated, among others, by his artist father, Martin went on to study ebenistery (fine wood crafting) in France. He explored wood for 30 years, creating
spectacular marquetries with the “Xylos” wood arts group – all the while making technical and instructive forays into the art of jewelry-making.

Jewelry-making proved to be an immense terrain of exploration for Martin Spreng: its precious and demanding materials allowed the artist’s creativity to run free. Fine jewelry has always appealed to him and today, it has become his sole activity.

Twelve years after entering the Elsa Vanier gallery, Martin Spreng’s signature has become recognizable among all others. The way he communes with Matter, creating striking surface effects or oxidations. He has always looked to magnify the contrast between the rough and the precious, and doesn’t hesitate to mingle polished steel with platinum, titanium with gold… each material gaining in nobility and beauty as the pieces develop.

The Age of Titanium, which began in 2018, is like the genesis of a whole new world. Shifting colors from oxidization, engraved and patina effects reveal extraordinary surfaces on pieces with massive volumes – made possible by the hardness and lightness of titanium!

Martin Spreng composes, opposes or unites elements in his own lexicon, punctuating surfaces with round or square figures evocative of imaginary cosmogonic worlds. His juxtaposition of materials giving life to a unique universe full of poetry, abstract compositions and here and there, a touch of the figurative…

Bijoux en argent et or, par Martin Spreng