Personal exhibition at Mobilia Gallery, Boston

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Personal exhibition at Mobilia Gallery, Boston

From 8 December to 31 January 2019, Martin Spreng was invited to exhibit at the Mobilia Gallery in Boston, MA where he showed his new Titanium creations for the first time, creations that resonated soundly with the exhibit "Nature Redefined: Contemporary Explorations".

Martin Spreng began his artistic career in cabinetry with a particular talent for inlay and marquetry. This craftsmanship shows through in his masterful inclusion of ebony and other materials with richly textured designs. His pieces show the traces of his hand and tools, the textures forming landscapes of his imagination.

“The inspiration for my work is a very intuitive process, rarely figurative, mostly abstract. I’m inspired by motifs with grainy aspects and crimps, stamps – often giving the pieces a ‘galactic’ look. Some shapes are closer to my wood-carvings and marquetry. Each object is sculpted and chased individually. The material is very important – as important as the style and creativity.

Gems and precious stones appeal to me for their incredible spectrum of colors and their inherent mineral richness and character. A vein, an inclusion, a veil, unexpected reflections or a glimmer, a certain light or sparkle resulting from the way they are cut… all contribute to the personal, unique ‘being’ of each creation.

In this new series for Nature Redefined, I am inspired by Titan, the powerful – combined with other natural forms…..I am exploring the superb possibilities  of titanium, one of the hardest and strongest metals, which can be refined, patinated with rough, subtle finishes which I embellish with combinations of fine and precious materials — gold, platinum or silver with gemstones and pearls for contrast.” 

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