A long career in wood-carving

Martin Spreng / Portrait / A long career in wood-carving
Groupe Xylos

In Paris, he crossed paths with Francis Ballu, a woodworker awarded Best Artisan of France and Rémi Colmet Daâge, an architect and also an ébénist. A professional love-at-first-sight that led them to associate their creativities and skills under the banner of Groupe Xylos (wood in greek). 

The trio was soon joined by a fourth partner, Philippe Delaflotte, who stayed for ten
years. Before long, they had carved out a solid reputation and were commissioned by
various international collectors and institutions. Their unique (one-off) furnishings and decorative murals, influenced by contemporary art aesthetics, established the signature lines and inlay work Xylos became famous for.

Today, one can admire a Xylos wall-panel in the Great Chamber of the Paris City Hall, or
a bas-relief commissioned by Cartier in the city of Aix-les-Bains as well as two large mural art decorations at the Stuttgart Convention Center, among others.

The flourishing Xylos activity never kept Martin Spreng from making jewelry on the side: first in wood, and then in gold for the last fifteen years. During this gradual shift, he undertook the study of jewelry-making at the Nicolas Flamel school where he acquired the various techniques of fine jewelry, including stone-setting and gemology. Still, he never imagined that he would one day leave woodworking altogether and dedicate himself exclusively to jewelry-making!

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