The call of Jewelry

Martin Spreng / Portrait / The call of Jewelry

In 2007, M Spreng organized his first jewelry exhibit, featuring a dozen pieces made exclusively of gold. He explains:

“At that time, I didn’t particularly care for diamonds and other precious gems. It was only when I ventured deeper into jewelry that I slowly began to know and appreciate them.”

Particularly attracted to aquamarines, chrysoberyls, opals and rubies, he who never completely defines a creation from the start – due to his constant interventions on materials, much like a sculptor (which earned him the nickname of Gold-sculptor in Germany) – begins by choosing the stones based on the creative impetus they inspire. Never mind if certain gems have a flaw or an inclusion: this only makes them more unique and means they have something extra-special to offer!

It has taken Martin Spreng 10 years to elaborate his designer-jeweler world, where he set out to uphold the driving philosophy of Xylos: making each creation a one-of-a-kind piece. His jewelry is sold either directly to private clients or in specialized galleries, like that of Elsa Vanier in Paris, Slavik in Vienna, Scheytt in Munich and Mobilia in Boston.

This one-off approach didn’t however prevent him from exploring a mini-series of jewelry crafted in ebony and silver inspired by his earliest creations. Not mainstream, but at more accessible prices than those of his extraordinary unique pieces.

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