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Titanium, Tourmaline and Perfecto

When titanium jewels rub against the leather of a Perfecto worn on a naked skin, and that red, pink or green tourmaline play with contrastes on the black and white of the skins… Picture by Mathieu Schlegel.
Martin Spreng presented his first solo exhibit in 2019 at the Galerie Esla Vanier in Paris. “EXPLORER” showed the progression of a multi-talented artist starting with his “pre-jewelry”works – contemporary wood marquetry creations with the Xylos Group – and moving through 12 years of jewelry-making…
In 2019, Martin Spreng was invited to exhibit at the Mobilia Gallery in Boston, MA where he showed his new Titanium creations for the first time, creations that resonated soundly with the exhibit “Nature Redefined: Contemporary Explorations”. Martin Spreng began his…